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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is an evidence based treatment for improving symptoms of post traumatic stress. 

The basic idea is that when a highly disturbing event occurs it is registered in our right brain memory and is not processed as an ordinary or pleasing event would be. The traumatic memory can remain isolated from logical thought, and linked with intense, uncomfortable emotions, unpleasant bodily sensations, and irrational perceptions of the self and our world.

EMDR uses rhythmic bi-lateral stimulation, to assist in the integration of trauma memories. In my practice I use hand buzzers. You hold one in each hand, and receive a gentle vibration alternating from right to left hand. This bilateral action can facilitate rapid processing, the internal experience can be like dreaming, full of valuable insights and realizations. 

Initially we use bi-lateral stimulation for Resourcing.  This involves developing a peaceful place, and other relaxing and supportive, strengthening visualizations.

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